Standard hourly fixed fees, no win no fee


Standard Hourly Fees

Our professional fees are primarily based on the time our legal professionals spend working on the matter for which we have been retained. The hourly fees vary depending on the skill and experience of the professional staff involved. Rest assured that we strive to provide top quality, personalized service while remaining very competitive. Our standard procedure is to record time spent on a client matter but charge only for time when we are confident our input reflects progress on the file or adds value. Thus, not all hours spent on matter will necessarily be charged. Internally, we have our own controlling procedure to review and moderate time records completed by each professional who has handled a specific matter before issuing bill to the client.

Fixed Fees

Under certain circumstances we are willing to negotiate alternative fee arrangement such as discounted, flat, capped or success fees, depending on the nature or anticipated volume of the work, or the nature of our relationship with the client. For standard administrative procedures, we charge on a capped time basis or simply flat rates. We provide services on a fixed fee basis for many projects, as set out in our fee schedules or as agreed to with the client. All fixed fees generally must be paid in full or a part in advance, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Retainer Fees

All non-fixed fee clients are required to pay and maintain a retainer fee in our client trust account during the term of our representation. This retainer fee should be deposited in our Trust Account, unless otherwise indicated in the Fee Letter. At the close of our representation for a client, Carrington, Hall & Hamburg will apply the retainer fee to pay any outstanding amounts due to Carrington, Hall & Hamburg and return the remainder to the client. In other options, client can choose a fixed retainer arrangement with Carrington, Hall & Hamburg by which client is required to pay to Carrington, Hall & Hamburg a monthly retainer fixed fee that is subjected to a separated legal service agreement. Client would then be able to consult with the appropriate attorney regarding legal issues that may arise. The time spent for the advice delivered by telephone or meeting would be paid for under the monthly retainer fee. The fee would further include brief informal memos confirming the content of the discussions, and this time spent is up to a limited amount of hours per month determined by Carrington, Hall & Hamburg based on which option to be chosen by client. The time spent over the hour limit shall be subject to hourly charge according to the standard rate mentioned in our billing terms and conditions. The monthly retainer fee would not include lengthy legal research, lawyer certification, court case, and drafting contracts. Thus, any needs for such matters would be the subject of separate fee arrangements.

Billing Policy

Invoices will normally be issued on a monthly basis, however, upon client request other arrangements can be made. Payment will be due upon receipt of invoice. A retainer, or security interest, is usually required. In principle, amounts billed for logistical expenses and official fees are separated from our professional fees.


Our office (Carrington, Hall & Hamburg) always keeps confidential all documents and any information relating to client or client's business that arises from Carrington, Hall & Hamburg's representation for client in client's matters.

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