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Principles of Work

We are committed to the highest professional standards.

Combining excellent quality with solution-driven advice is the key to our success and the mission of our work. Because of its known commitment to high quality standards, our firm is the counsel of choice for a large number of top Latvian corporate clients. We offer our clients expert legal advice, support them in business negotiations, represent them in court, and protect their interests in administrative proceedings. Our strength is our commitment to find and implement solutions for the complex legal issues facing corporations and entrepreneurs. We repay the continued confidence our clients placed in Carrington, Hall & Hamburg through our commitment to the highest professional standards.

We organise ourselves around your needs.

Many clients require advice on more than one area of law. So although the firm operates within traditional practice areas, just like other law firms, our service is organised around you, the client, rather than the way we are structured internally. This means that lawyers from different practice areas are used to working alongside each other in client teams.

All clients are equal.

No client should ever feel that they are less important to us than another. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. For some we are working almost continually. For others, it might be a question of working with them on just one project. But whatever the size of the instruction or the size of our fees, once a client has chosen us as their legal adviser and we have accepted the instruction, we treat them equally.

We don't inundate you with lawyers.

Although we work in teams, if only one person is necessary to get the job done, then you only get one person. If the task requires a partner, then you get the right partner; if a more junior lawyer can do the work just as effectively, then that’s who you get.

We keep it short.

Our clients are not keen on 20-page reports and neither are we. Especially if a short email does the job. In our verbal and written communications we make every effort to be clear, brief and unambiguous. If you need to know what you should do, we tell you. We won’t give you a Lever arch file.

We are committed to measured improvement.

We look continually for ways to improve what we do and how we do it. At the completion of every instruction we look at how we performed: the people, the process and of course the promises. If we think there is a better way of delivering our service to you we will adopt it, even at a cost to ourselves.


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