Building engineering contracts, tender, joint ventures

Construction & Engineering

Construction is a significant activity in the life cycle of virtually every company, and a major industry in its own right. Carrington, Hall & Hamburg has assembled a team of specialist construction lawyers who are open, approachable and able to provide advice and representation on any issue arising from construction and development work, including:

Building and engineering contracts

  • Tailor-made main contracts and sub-contracts
  • Industry standard forms with and without bespoke
  • Tender and contract reviews

Consultants' appointments and warranties

  • Terms of appointment for project managers, architects, engineers, surveyors and other consultants
  • Collateral warranty agreements given to clients, financiers, purchasers, tenants, associated companies and joint venture partners

Project structuring financing

  • Multi-party infrastructure projects with interlocking construction, operation, funding, security and guarantee arrangements
  • Concessions and related agreements for public sector and private sector projects financing
  • Joint ventures for building and engineering projects
  • Bonds, guarantees and insurance

Procurement, operation and facilities management

  • Procurement arrangements for equipment, plant, materials and component supplies
  • Computer and information technology procurement, installation and maintenance
  • Building management services, operation and maintenance
  • Facilities management arrangements

Dispute resolution

  • All aspects of litigation in the courts
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution including adjudication and mediation
  • Domestic and international arbitration

European regulation and public procurement

  • EU directives and regulations including construction products, health and safety, right of establishment of professional and harmonisation of construction liability
  • EU public procurement directives as implemented by Latvia statutory instruments, governing public works, supplies and services under both the standard and the utilities regimes

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