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Energy & Natural Resources

Energy is the backbone of the economy. Every day the businesses that develop, produce, transport and market oil, natural gas and electric power face decisions with global scope and bet-the-company consequences. Carrington, Hall & Hamburg’s lawyers have earned a preeminent reputation in this big stakes.

Since its foundation, Carrington, Hall & Hamburg has served the electricity, oil and gas industry. Our lawyers advises energy project developers, utilities, pipelines, oil and gas producers, marketers, investors, lenders and governmental entities on the development, financing, acquisition, construction and operation of all types of energy facilities, utility debt and equity financings, the privatization of state-owned energy concerns and on mergers and acquisitions involving energy sector participants.

Our lawyers assist clients in a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Preparation and negotiation of exploration and development agreements;
  • Acquisition and sale of oil, gas and electricity assets;
  • Construction of pipelines, refineries, gas processing facilities and electric generating facilities;
  • Purchase and sale of oil, gas and electricity product;
  • Preparation of various financing arrangements including production payments, synthetic leases and forward sales contracts.

Our goal is to add value to our clients' businesses. We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of their operations, enabling us to offer a seamless legal and commercial support service whenever and wherever it is needed.

Our transactional and projects lawyers are highly regarded for their business acumen and creative handling of substantial and complex matters in this field. Our approach differs from that of our competitors. Instead of assembling armies of experts from different departments, we field dedicated, cohesive and thus more cost-effective teams, offering both specialist expertise and all-round commercial experience.

Our clients report that they have chosen to work with Carrington, Hall & Hamburg because of the depth of experience we offer in all areas of energy and natural resources law. Our clients include national, state and local governments and agencies; refineries; chemical, oil, pharmaceutical and industrial companies; water districts; investor-owned and municipal electric utilities; large energy users; real estate and financial institutions; multistate and international operating facilities; private water supply developers; agricultural interests; insurers; sanitary and utility districts; joint powers authorities; and industry associations.

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