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Intellectual property law is all about the management of ideas. Without careful and thorough protection, intellectual property rights can fall into the public arena and their value diminish, sometimes to nothing. If the right steps are taken at the right time, they can be and remain for many years valuable assets for you or your business.

Intellectual property rights are embodied in a surprisingly wide variety of products and services – from obvious examples such as famous brand names, works of art, films, music and books, to scientific processes, computer programmes, databases, industrial designs and even confidential information. Whilst some protection of these rights is granted by the law without your needing to actively do anything, other protections need implementing – registration of trade marks, design rights, patents and domain names are some examples of what may need to be covered.

With the right safeguards in place, it is possible to buy, sell, license and otherwise exploit your intellectual property rights, and to protect yourself against others copying or stealing your ideas, with the full weight of the law behind you.

Carrington, Hall & Hamburg brings you a respected, dynamic Intellectual Property practice, backed by the vast resources of one of the nation’s premier law firms.

The breadth of our services is extensive, as we:

  • Counsel clients about copyrights, patents, trade secrets and trademarks
  • Practice before government agencies to secure those rights
  • Handle arbitration, mediation and other litigation alternatives
  • Negotiate licenses to maximize the value of such property
  • Handle technology transfers, manufacturing and supply agreements, research and development agreements and start up agreements
  • Handle intellectual property audits and due diligence, either separately or as part of mergers and acquisitions

We routinely assist clients in obtaining, protecting and enforcing trademarks in Latvia, including: conducting and reviewing searches and investigations for trademark clearance; preparing opinion letters; filing and prosecuting trademark applications; handling the prosecution and defense of trademark administrative proceedings; monitoring and policing the use of trademarks by third parties; and providing general trademark counseling. In this connection, we manage the domestic and international trademark portfolios and related intellectual property matters for a wide range of clients.

Our attorneys routinely litigate cases at the trial and appellate level. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in arbitrations and other dispute resolution proceedings, and have served as lead coordinating counsel in complex international litigations.

Carrington, Hall & Hamburg ’s litigation experience covers all areas of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyright infringement, false advertising, and internet and related technology.

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